Six Tips for Managing an Out-of-State Move with Young Children

A kid acting up on moving day, a special toy left behind, forgotten snacks on the counter, or a harried mother and a stressed-out father trying to calm their kids to get into the car so everyone can get on

Moving Long Distance to Atlanta? Here Must-Know Tips from Atlanta Movers

Living in Atlanta is like living a dream. It is a businessman’s dream city, touted as one of the friendliest cities for businesses and careers, according to Forbes. With several large-name brands like The Home Depot, SunTrust Banks, Delta Airlines, UPS, and Coca-Cola and thousands of start-up businesses, it is no wonder that Atlanta is also a jobseeker’s dream. Sports lovers can hoot for their teams almost all year round, with the 6 pro teams in Atlanta playing in the best sports venues in the country.

Avoid Last-Minute Decisions

Moving to any city needs careful planning, so avoiding last-minute decisions is a good practice. Don’t underestimate the planning process. Make an early start when scoping for a long-distance moving company and get in-house quotes from several companies. This planning process also includes finding a good real estate agent in Atlanta, setting up a house tour, contacting schools if you have school-age kids, and packing supplies.

Follow-up on Appointments

Even if you have set the moving date, always follow up on appointments to confirm the move. Imagine if you’re all packed and ready to go, but your moving company didn’t show up because you failed to confirm your schedule with them. Don’t assume things; be proactive when it comes to schedules.

Utility service companies and cable and internet providers are some of the schedules you need to follow up on a few days before moving. Check up also on the change of addresses to get your bills on time.

Try Color-Coding Your Boxes

Instead of simply labeling your boxes, why not color-code them? For example, all boxes that belong to the bedroom should have blue markers, while boxes that go to the kitchen should have red. Also, snap a photo of the contents of the boxes and tape them on the box for easier identification.

Inspect Heavy Items and Furniture

Bulky items and furniture cost a lot on a long-distance move. Before moving them, make a thorough inspection and decide if they are still worth the expense. You can either sell them or post them on online marketplaces so someone can pick them up without you incurring any cost. Once you find that the furniture is good enough for the move, hire a labor-only service to pack them if you don’t want to get a full-service moving.

Understand Local Acronyms

Atlanta has its locally accepted acronyms that newbies may not be familiar with. Before you make a long-distance move to Atlanta, be sure that you understand their local language. For example, apps use the acronym OTP for One-Time Password that they send thru SMS or email to verify your identity. In Atlanta, OTP means Outside the Perimeter, denoting areas and neighborhoods outside the Interstate 285 loop. OTP neighborhoods are more family-friendly, while neighborhoods inside the perimeter (ITP) are more expensive, but everything is almost within walking distance.

Arrange for Kids and Pets

Long-distance moves are stressors for kids and pets. Assign someone to mind the kids and pets on moving day, so they’re out of the way for the movers. Have everything at hand, especially if the kids are young. Baby carriers should be spacious and sturdy, while kids under 65 pounds should be in booster seats. Traveling with a kid with special needs is more challenging, so know their limitations and adjust.

If you cannot fit the dog into the car, a travel kennel sturdily strapped on the back of the car is a good choice. However, take periodic breaks to check on your dog, cat, or rabbits for long-distance moves. Also, ensure that your pet is comfortable while traveling. Refrain from feeding it the night before to avoid the mess. Birds, reptiles, and fish have different management needs, so do thorough research before the move.

Another alternative is to hire a pet transport service, especially if your pet has special needs (pregnant and other medical needs). Visit your vet before the move and get a recommendation for a new vet near your new place in Atlanta. Get your pets vaccinated and have the proper certificates before the move.

Hire the Right Moving Service

Hiring the right moving service ensures that you get the best value for your money. Though DIY moves are cheaper, imagine the stress of being on the road for 10 hours or more, then hauling the boxes from the vehicle to the house, unpacking, and arranging them. For long-distance moves, most moving companies recommend hiring a full-service moving company. Free yourself from the pain of packing heavy furniture, lugging them from the house to the moving vehicle, and loading it.

Hiring the right moving service ensures that you get the best value for your money.

Be Appreciative of Your Moving Crew

Atlanta’s best long-distance moving companies have professional crews to ensure your move is safe and your things are delivered on time. However, show your appreciation to the crew by providing them with snacks or drinks. A little goes a long way, especially since these people will handle your valuable things for hours or even days on the road.

Take Note

Remember that you only have 30 days to update your driver’s license after arriving in Atlanta. Visit the Atlanta Customer Service Center of the Georgia Department of Driver Services to get a temporary driver’s license and register your vehicle. Update your voter registration and voting locations, especially if you are moving around election time.

Lots to do, lots to do. So remember, don’t do everything last minute or you’ll really be under so much stress.